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Care of all hides
DO NOT MAKE ANY UNNECESSARY CUTS ON SHOW SIDE OF SKIN. (Show side of the skin is the side you will be looking at). Leave plenty of hide for me to work with..I prefer the whole hide (head to tail) if possible, if not cut the hide at end of rib cage.

REMEMBER:  The better you take care of the skin, the better your mount will look.

If you can't get the hide to me right away, either FREEZE OR SALT it with plenty of plain table salt.  The more the better.   I prefer to have it frozen.   Try to remove as much meat and fat as possible before salting.

Proper field care can make or break a trophy mount.  Take care when skinning & gutting the animal in the field.  NEVER cut the show side!  Especially take care when dragging the animal.  You can pull out hair and make bald spots on the hide.

If you have any questions, please call before cutting the hide.

You can reach me at:  

            Emma's Taxidermy
            101 Gilbert Road
            Bordentown, NJ 08505
            609-261-7373   Fax: 609-261-2576